How to list your home on Zillow and sell it without using a realtor

It is not a secret that Zillow and its affiliated companies get the most real estate search internet.  Realtors and many selling without a realtor will post their home for sale on this site.  Here we will discuss how to list your home on Zillow and more importantly what to expect once your home is posted.

Zillow allows home owners to post their home for sale for free.  The process is rather simple. It first requires you to create and account.  All you need is an email, password and smartphone to complete the two step sign up process.  This email and phone number is how those interested in your property will reach you.  You can enter a land line but only enter the landline in the section where you are entering your listing. There is a field where you can enter a phone number.

Once in there is a tab at the top that says, “Post home for sale.”  Click that and start by filling in your address. Be sure to confirm the location on their map.  Although rare sometimes your home will not be in the correct location on their map.

Once you have done this you can enter your Properties DNA, ie # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, gross living area, property taxes, etc.  You will also enter the Description and listing price.  Here you can upload the photos and videos.

Once completed Zillow has their own process of validating your information. It will involve a phone call to the number you used to sign up. Sometimes it is a recorded message that requires you to press a one.  Other times a live person will call you to verify your information.  It is important to not miss this call. They are notorious for taking down a listing if they don’t reach you the first time.  It takes anywhere from a few minutes to a full day to receive this call.

Once your listing is live, be sure to locate it two ways. The first is to search for the property on the Zillow site or app by the properties address.  The second is to do a general search in the area.  Once you find your listing and open it up, you will notice you have the ability to edit the listing.  Only you have this ability.  Zillow will allow you to announce your open house, and make unlimited changes to the listing including the photos.

Typically those whom have signed into the Zillow app or whom have signed up on their website and are interested in homes in the area your home is located will be notified a new listing has hit the market. It will also be available for those whom search for homes in the area. The buyer will have to go to the filters section and tab over to the homes being sold with out a realtor. They do this because Zillow is a licensed real estate broker in all 50 states. They obtain the bulk of their listings from the realtor members only MLS.  Due to certain ethical obligations Zillow agrees to undertake when getting licensed as a realtor is to separate the For Sale By Owner homes from those that are listed by realtors.  Don’t worry though, almost all buyers are trained to use these filter tabs to search for homes being sold by owner since Zillow informs all their users of this by email from time to time.

Be ready for an unimaginable amount of phone calls from real buyers, time wasters, realtors with no clients whom want to get you to list with them, and realtors with buyer clients asking you a ton of questions.  With todays low inventory realtors have to search harder and harder for homes to sell.  Calling those selling without a realtor is one of the most basic things virtually all if not all realtors learn to do.

It is one of the reasons why I started  At we act as a barrier between you and everyone interested in the home.  We provide your property with its own website that features only your home and none others, we add the URL for the website when we or when you post your home for sale on Zillow or any other place you want to post your home for sale..  Everyone that comes to your properties webpage, if they want to ask a question, make an appointment, or to make an offer will enter our unique sign up process that makes sure only serious qualified buyers get through to you or realtors with buyer clients.  When a realtor signs up, they are provided with a message that states how much commission you are offering, if any.  Again no need to field the phone calls, just direct everyone to your property’s website site, and we take over from their.

We do a lot more than this such as scheduling appointments, vetting offers, making sure your home is posted on Zillow Trulia and many other websites, help with writing a description, providing state approved forms, and much more. We do it all for one low flat fee.  Visit our resource page with videos on how to price your home, how to prepare your home for sell, how to accept and reply to offers, how to show your home, and much more.  We also have a blog site where we do a deep discussion on these topics and much more.  We post weekly on our Facebook and Reddit Pages if your looking for regular information on how to sell your home without a realtor and related topics. Come visit us at Found by realtors with over 40 years experience selling homes, looking to help those savvy sellers sell their home without using a realtor so they can save thousands of dollars.