Importance of cleaning your home before putting it on the market.

Often times, prior to putting the home on the market, a seller will do work on the home.  They will paint, update bathrooms, finish a basement, but they often overlook the importance of cleaning the home thoroughly.

Doing any work in your home, especially if drilling or sanding, will leave a ton of dust everywhere.  It is important that your home be dust free when taking photos and before showing it to potential buyers.  You don’t want a buyer turning on a light and getting dust on their hands.  Or putting their hands on a kitchen counter that is full of dust.

The floor should be mopped and left with a nice shine.  Dust on the floor and take away the beauty of natural light shining off your floors.  It is an impression all buyers will note immediately.

It is important to remember that many buyers will look in tubs and showers.  Do your best to scrub the tub, shower floor, shower doors, sink and toilet.  I dirty tub can take away from the beauty of a bathroom.

Same for closets, drawers, door, door knobs, light switches, and outlet covers.  Wipe everything down.  Make sure they are clean.

Outside of the home is important as well since it will make the first impression.  Clean up all leaves.  Make sure there is no mildew on the steps, ground, and on the outside of the home.  Make sure windows on the inside and outside are clean.

Sure there are many changes, upgrades, and renovations that go a long way to improve the value of your home. But cleaning is one of those inexpensive things you can do that go along way in making the home show better to potential buyers.